Choose a color palette carefully and keep it consistent. Imagine a mix of vintage furniture and modern furniture. Another easy tip is to repeat the same materials throughout your home for a visually consistent look. Let’s say you have pillows in your bedroom.

Try incorporating velvet into the rest of your house in a variety of ways, such as velvet curtains in your dining room and a velvet armchair in your living room. It’s a nice way to tie the design together from room to room without looking too harmonious. You can do this with any material you really like, like faux fur, linen, a pattern like stripes, geometric pattern, or anything you love. It tends to conflict me at the most inopportune moments, but I’ve found that I need to let one or the other sit in their discomfort and figure out which design I’m really struggling with.

When it comes to design, this can be a difficult issue or one that is easy to rethink, as it usually takes a long time to design, modify, and update homes over time. Read on for some tips and tricks on how you can take your interior design skills to the next level and create a home that provides a sense of cohesion while remaining true to your unique style. Whether you’re moving in, renovating, or simply have a few questions about what goes where, a Freedom Interior Decorator can come to your home and help you find fresh and inspiring ways to make the most of your space—and your budget. Minimalism has been a trend for quite some time, and although it is considered a style in its own right, using minimalistic concepts can help you create a consistent feel in your home.

I constantly have this battle in my head between what my OCD brain likes to see and what my design aesthetic wants. Since they are very interconnected and are within sight, you need to design the room as a whole. The rooms in your home should feel connected, but since they’re under the same roof, you should also try to design them to look related and coherent. For a consistent home, you should have a defined style that you can at least put into words and have a visual idea of what it means to you.

That way, you can only fill your space with items that fit your design scheme (or sentimental items that are dear to you) and remove all that unnecessary clutter. Whether you’re building a house, renovating a house, or redesigning a room, you’ll likely need the help of an interior designer and a contractor. They’ll come to your home and help you find fabrics from their extensive range of designer textiles to make beautiful custom-made curtains and blinds. Mixing different materials such as wood, fabrics, and metals (including different types of surfaces) gives a room a lot of dimension and makes the space look more interesting and unique, especially when you choose materials that match your color palette and design style.