Curves replace straight lines These organic, attractive shapes replace boxy edges and clean lines that were previously an integral part of the latest interior design trends. Local products can partly determine the look and feel of furniture, decor and, ultimately, interior design. Interior designer Natalia Miyar (opens in new tab) says: “Soft shades of pink, soft neutrals, and warm browns are great when you want to achieve a natural, modern, and uncluttered aesthetic, and they make every space feel cozy and comforting. From decorating with antiques (opens in new tab) to buying second-hand furniture to reviving 1970s decor in all furniture trends — an eclectic mix of old and new only makes for a home that feels more unique, more distinctive and more authentic.

However, some contemporary design styles only refine and strengthen what the design world loves right now. We’ll see an increase in environmentally friendly materials and organic surfaces in upcoming designs, from residential to commercial properties. Sustainable interior design is more important now than ever, and brands, designers, and consumers agree to make and consume products that are better for the environment. From a simple block color design to great wall mural ideas, an accent wall can be an opportunity to get really creative with color and artistic design.

After working in the interior design industry for several years and having published numerous publications, she is now perfecting her digital skills on the “best interior design website” in the world. Charlie Bowles, director of Original BTC (opens in new tab), says: “Nostalgia has had a huge impact on the way people design their interiors. Just as the outside world influences the color palettes of the future in interiors, furniture design also reflects its surroundings. Andy Greenall, creative director at Paint %26 Paper Library (opens in new tab) supports this, saying: “Both consumers and designers are turning to color combinations that add drama and fascination to a space, from neutrals in grading shades that flow between rooms to more dramatic color pairings.

When people source their products from the region and respect their natural environment, so does the interior. The shopping experts at ethical retailer The Citizenry (opens in new tab) support this and say: “Contrary to the over-minimalistic trend of recent years, consumers are moving to a more eclectic collector’s approach when designing their spaces. From open living areas to kitchens and dining areas, the trend to install multifunctional lighting that can be adapted to the specific use of space will continue to grow.