How to integrate old works of art into a new interior design. Choose your color palette, discover the story behind the piece, use it as a focal point, use art to highlight architectural elements, incorporate the art into a larger collection, reject works of art, juxtapose old and contemporary pieces. Select pieces that are visually interesting or make an unmistakable statement in the room. The more unique you are, the more your interior reflects your style.

Decorating with art doesn’t have to be limited to framed paintings and drawings. “We recently bought a large antique tapestry in Paris that covered the wall of a country-style dining room and set the tone for the overall concept of the room,” says Clara Ewart from Kitesgrove. To ensure that the detailed artwork stays at the center of the room, opt for furniture with clean lines and simple silouhettes. Sculpting is a nice way to add an extra dimension to a living space by bringing art from the walls into the interior.

Decorating with art is an exciting and fun process because it offers endless ways to express your personality and is considered the key to successful interior design for many interior designers. Innovative design has made sculptural elements accessible through furniture that also serves as original works of art. It will hopefully stay with you for the rest of your life, so you should enjoy it just as much in 10 years or if you live in another home,” says Clara Ewart, head of design at Kitesgrove. The residential interior design team at DKOR Interiors knows that works of art are so important for interior design.

There’s a place for art in every project and space, from kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor living rooms, offices, gyms, meditation rooms, and family entertainment areas. To help you think about how to choose art for your home, we’ve rounded up a number of ways you can incorporate it into your scheme, as well as some advice from experts on how to best display it. For this kitchen, interior designer Julia Dempster selected a series of four limited edition works of art by Eichholtz, which reflected the cubist shapes of the chandelier above the kitchen island. You could commission a hand-painted mural, for example in a chinoiserie style, or there are many printed wallpapers based on original works of art.

This stunning Bandipur wall mural from Designers Guild (opens in a new tab) features a hand-painted Indian landscape with delicate trees, meandering rivers, and soft clouds printed on textured grass cloth. It brings soft color and texture to a living room. A well-selected work of art is much more than just the finishing touch. It can change the look of a room and provide decades of enjoyment. But if you feel you need a little help, chat with one of our expert online designers today to help you achieve your dream home. She is the creative force behind coastal design firm Dee Ann Design, LLC, which specializes in creating beautiful and soulful spaces in person and virtually for private and business clients.

Artwork is a perfect way to add your unique style to your home. They can also help define spaces. They serve as practical visual tools in interior design that help draw attention to specific areas within a room and tell stories.