The most common colors include Roman shades, roller shades, balloon shades, parasols, honeycomb paints, blackout shades, and translucent shades. The blinds can be motorized or manually operated, and you can adjust the size to fit the window. Fabric that hangs flat when closed and can be folded horizontally into folds when pulled up. Ensures privacy, light control and provides insulation properties; can be made from any fabric.

Roman parasols are usually opened using a cord mechanism, allowing the user to adjust the height of the covered area. Many different materials, from wood to fabric, can be used to make Roman shades as well as natural materials such as bamboo. A sheer curtain or mesh curtain is made of translucent (transparent) fabric. The transparency of a substance is expressed in 3 main features (extremely rare, very thin, barely visible).

Materials that can be made translucent include puff fur, silk, viscose, or nylon. Clear fabric is available in a wide range of colors, but white and shades of white such as cream, winter white, eggshell, and ivory are popular for curtains. They are sometimes referred to as privacy curtains. During the day, they allow you to look from the inside out and at the same time prevent people from looking directly into the room from outside. Roller shades have a minimalistic appearance and come in light filter and blackout versions to control light and privacy, says Skalman.

As you might have guessed, they open and close by rolling over a central dowel, meaning they lie flat when opened. They’re a great way to show off beautiful textures and patterns, says Skalman. Blinds are all options that have adjustable slats to control light and privacy in your space, says Skalman. This is the most common type of window treatment used by W Design.

There are two different types of curtains: stationary and traversed curtains. Stationary curtains cannot be opened or closed. The stationary curtains are a purely decorative element and remain attached to both sides of the window. This is a good choice for a very large window with a great view of the outside.

Stationary curtains are a less expensive option because they don’t require as much fabric. She worked as an assistant market editor, design reporter, and news editor for Architectural Digest and AD PRO before joining House Beautiful. Motorized window treatments are an extension of this and are extremely popular for main living areas as they allow you to easily control many windows at once. Cellular sun shades are known in particular for their temperature regulation and can adapt to any unusual window shape such as arched windows or skylights.

This publication will help you learn more about interior styles and materials that are used to design a room today. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb colors, are the most energy efficient option. They offer excellent insulation and have a nice, simple design that suits all styles. Skalman advises you to work with a professional, such as The Shade Store’s design consultants, to find out what works best. To help you be more informed than I am about your next move (or redesign, renovation, or simple refresher), I have the experts at The Shade Store, a designer go-to source for window treatments of all types, to give us an overview.

Great for all seasons, but especially for the warmer months as blackout curtains keep the heat out by reducing heat transfer from window to room. The measurement of the curtain sizes required for each window varies greatly depending on the type of curtain required, window size and type and weight of the curtain. Add style, isolate and filter light with the best window decorations for your bedroom, living room, and more. Solar shades are designed with different transparencies to not only provide lighting control and privacy, but also protect your indoor space from harmful UV rays and fading, says Skalman.

The term window shutters covers both indoor shutters, which are used on the inside of a house or building, and outdoor shutters, which are used on the outside of a building.