use of materials with the properties of water permeability and gloss, for example, is a good way to express flow. Furniture spread out and facing away from the wall and lightweight, transparent curtains offer alternative ways to create a sense of movement and allow generous air circulation in the living room. Unless you’re already working as an interior designer, you’ve probably never thought about how to incorporate rhythm into your interiors. Like perception, this is one of the components of interior design that you need to palpate rather than rely on precise measurements.

The seven elements of interior design and the principles of interior design serve to help interior designers create spaces that work on every level but are generally fun to be in. Integrating one or two continuous components of design can help visually unify the space while leaving enough variety so it doesn’t feel boring. As for paint colors, it’s also a good way to stick with different shades of the same color to promote a good gradient. The thoughtful, flowing design shows buyers that you’ve thought of the overall flow of the house, not just specific rooms.

The question for an interior designer to design a successful space is how all of these elements ensure a good flow of movement in the room. It’s what gives high-end interiors an extra touch of sparkle, and if you’re not sure exactly why your design feels like it doesn’t really fit together, that’s likely the source of your problems. Some design elements that really influence a home’s visual flow include paint colors and general color schemes, furniture styles, and flooring. According to The Design Basics, from an interior design perspective, the flow of movement is “how people ‘flow’ through a room.”

When it comes to good staging practices, it’s important to visualize how people will move and use a space to decide how the design should “guide them through the room.” There are five main techniques you can use to promote the flow of movement in your indoor spaces. The most beautiful room will not reach the holy grail of interior design, namely harmony, if the flow of movement is poor.