The modern style originates from Modernism, which emerged in the 1920s.. It should not be confused with the adjective “modern,” which refers to current trends.. Nor should it be confused with the contemporary style, which also refers to current design trends.. The modern design style is very specific and is said to have been founded by the famous German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe..


traditional style is inspired by older and more classic European design styles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s outdated.. It’s a style that brings comfort, familiarity, and predictability to a space, and makes a space feel warm and inviting.. There are no surprises in a traditionally designed house and everything is clean, quiet and calculated. Contemporary style should not be confused with modern style.

If your client wants a contemporary home, it means they’re interested in the latest design trends. It is not a static trend, but an evolving trend that adapts to the current time.. The contemporary style is generally based on simplicity, refinement and clean lines.. It is not cluttered and it is very elegant and fresh.


industrial style is inspired by the industrial world of work, in which machinery, metal and brick came first. In this day and age, it celebrates the raw and exposed materials of a building. But that doesn’t mean it’s just for people who live in lofts — with the right color palette, materials, and furnishings, any space can be transformed into an industrial-style home.. The transitional style is a mix of tradition and modernity.

It offers the best of both worlds as it is comfortable and elegant at the same time. This style focuses on texture and material rather than color. Rustic style is about bringing natural and earthy elements into a home.. Cottages and townhouses are often designed in this style, but it is becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers.


rustic style includes outdoor accessories such as branches, logs, and reclaimed wood. The bohemian style is suitable for anyone who leads a carefree lifestyle and loves bright colors, vintage furniture, and locations. This style is a clash of beauty, chaos, and culture. It allows the homeowner to express their individuality and is often adorned with accessories collected from trips or flea markets..

It is one of the interior design styles that advocates an orderly form of disorder.. This style dates back to the 1930s, when Hollywood was in full swing.. The Hollywood Regency style is suitable for clients who like glamor and opulence and are not afraid to take risks. It’s also for customers who love entertaining guests and have an active social life.

It is one of the interior design styles that opposes minimalism and promotes extravagance.. Check out our guide to mid-century modern design to learn how to give your home the look.. As mentioned in the guide, I recommend introducing elements from other interior styles when you start with an MCM base.. A purist approach to decorating a mid-century modern home can make your interior design look a bit passé..

This is especially true when it comes to decorative accents.. The form factor of mid-century modernism may be timeless, but the fashion-inspired colors and patterns of the 1970s are outdated. Good interior styles that can be combined with coastal decor include Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Rustic, Mexican, and Transitional. If you want to create a more rustic look, add farmhouse and rustic pieces.

Mix and match transitional or mid-century modern furniture or decor to give your coastal theme a more sophisticated and elegant look. Finally, Mexican decor pieces can give your coastal home a Baja California aesthetic that features colorful and cultural accents.. Industrial decor goes well with farm houses, contemporary, Scandinavian, rustic and traditional interior styles. Due to the use of heavily worn wood and steel, industrial-style interiors naturally overlap with farmhouse and rustic furnishings..

Parts of both fit easily into houses with industrial motifs. On the other hand, some minimalistic furnishings from the Scandinavian and contemporary decor categories can gently balance out the rudeness of typical industrial aesthetics.. Scandinavian design, an offshoot of mid-century modernism, introduced a popular minimalist look in interior design that persists today. Although most people associate it with IKEA (I’ve covered stores like IKEA in the past), there are a variety of subgroups within Scandinavian design itself.

In fact, many of the modern interior styles, such as MCM, have a close relationship with Scandinavian decor.. Bohemian decor is an interior style characterized by the creative use of rich patterns and vivid colors, particularly in shades of red or purple.. Boho chic deviates from the formalism of most modern interior styles by capturing the carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle.. The key is to carefully present a deliberately “messy” look..

Apply it to textiles (blankets, pillows, rugs, tapestries) for a warm ambiance. The transitional style of interior design is a mix of modern and classic furnishing aesthetics, often using a cleaner and simpler look than the classic style, but retaining some of its embellishments and details.. In many ways, it is the combination of many interior styles that are presented in this blog post. Many modern design principles have emerged as a result of the Art Deco movement..

Similar to MCM, Scandinavian and other modern interior styles, Art Deco is more minimalistic, although the implementation is slightly different. It is noteworthy that the form factor of art deco furniture and decorative accessories tends to use combinations of much simpler geometric and rounded shapes.. In addition, the piece is often coated with a metal coating in gold or silver (e.g.. B.. Not to be confused with industrial design, which refers to works created for industrial purposes. The neo-industrial or industrial-style interior design borrows industrial architecture elements such as the concrete walls, steel details, and spartan windows in this Kathleen McCormick home for use in living spaces.

Spaces that bridge the gap between modernity and tradition, such as this kitchen by Toledo Geller, are known as transitional kitchens.. Here, the designers combine classic elements such as herringbone floors and shaker-style cabinets with modern lines on the hood and a fresh, white version of the iconic Thonet chair. Since Nancy Lancaster took over the management of Colefax %26 Fowler, Americans have been obsessed with the English country house look. The style combines various elements of traditional British country houses, such as floral wallpaper, rough hewn wood, copper pots and brick floors, and translates it for modern use, as Shavonda Gardner did in her kitchen here.


modern farmhouse style interprets its traditional cousin but simplifies shapes and often integrates mid-century elements and industrial elements, as in this kitchen by Alyssa Rosenheck.. A more minimal color palette is also common.. A well-designed, maximalist decor should feel that there is a coherent atmosphere across all levels of complexity.. Coastal decor is an interior style that channels the spirit of a beach house and places an emphasis on warmth and peace..

Architectural studies of evidence-based design have shown that cultures from barren and barren environments tended to produce more ornate furnishings (e.g.. Although it has recently become a catch-all term for everything of the 20th. The 20th century, does modernity refer to the mid-20th century. Century (generally mid-1940s to early 1970s) on mid-20th century modern design. century.. These other design categories are all more distressed and rugged, so they complement each other naturally.. Perhaps the most aesthetically appealing aspect of the transitional design style is the mix of masculine and feminine..

For a waterfront home in Jamaica, Ishka Designs replaced organic elements such as woodgrain with more graphic contrasts to complement the location without overshadowing the view. In rustic interiors, it is common for living room design ideas to focus on a central fireplace.. From mid-century modernism to Regency style to coastal architecture, interior styles provide a point of identification for a space and an easy way to define your own style.. Adding a bit of Southwestern design to another style can either accentuate its rusticity or tone down modern minimalism toward a more world-inspired direction..

This unique furnishing style is based on different periods of time, creating an environment that lasts a lifetime.